I have learned there are two types of people in the world, book people and non-book people, and there are all sorts of people that make up those two groups. I fall squarely into the book people category. I love books, I have great memories of reading books with my family. I just do not understand a life without books, without the escape, adventure, history, that they offer.

I received a gift the other day and it was a book. Now as most book people will understand, this present should not be that much of surprise, but it really was. The reason that it was a surprise was because of the friend who gave it to me. See, he falls into the non-book category. He reads lots of technical stuff for work, so he is not all that interested in reading in his downtime. When I met him and found out he was a non-book person, I did what most book people do and I tried recommending a couple books that I think (and still do) that he’d enjoy. However I learned from my past, (my ex was a non-book person) that pushing non-book people with books, only frustrates everyone, so I stopped pushing the subject.

The other night he pulled me aside and handed me a book, we had been talking about it a few nights prior to that and he was excited about it. I know this might seem silly to some, but to me, his giving me that book was a special gift.This was a book that moved him and he chose to share it with me.