Black Friday… and its aftermath…

Ah the Tuesday after Black Friday… I’m exhausted! Between work, school and family I am ready for a day off… However I have finals I should be studying for. Instead I thought I would write about Black Friday. (I could write a whole book on procrastinating… and one day I just might!)

I work retail so Black Friday and the “first” shopping weekend of the season tend to be, as one would expect, the most busy, insane days of the year; they also happen to be my favorite days to work. Now most people think that I am being sarcastic when I say that, but I’m not, I honestly enjoy working Black Friday. Now I have been in retail for a while, this is actually my 14th holiday season, and out of that I have worked 12 Black Fridays, I actually volunteer to work opening shifts. What can I say? No one ever said I was the sanest person around (one look at my class load would tell you I’m a little nuts). For me working is fun, I actually enjoy my customers, and most of their challenging requests. My store does not open Thanksgiving night, we do not open at 3am, so we have it pretty easy.

One thing I find interesting is how little anger there is. Turn on a TV on BF or the days surrounding it and the news is filled with fights, brawls, arrests, shootings, muggings, theft, and the list continues, yet, where I have worked, most of my customers say hello, wait in line (reasonably patiently), they do not push or shove. Do not get me wrong, I did have a couple cranky customers on BF, one was just going to be angry no matter what we did, and the other was angry cause she did not plan properly and we were out of what she was looking for, she however, decided to take me up on the offer to order the item she was looking for and eventually left a little happier than when she came in; however the majority of my customers are not blood thirsty, push you out of the way, stampede you to death people. I do not understand the people I see on TV. Is hurting someone, getting arrested or something else really worth saving 50$-100$ on a TV or gaming system? Is this mentality that I see on TV really how the majority of people that shop on BF think? Or is it just the constant replaying of these actions on the 24hr news stations that make it seem that way?

So today is Tuesday after BF and our shelves are not bare but we sold quite a bit. So today and the rest of this week will be the restocking of merchandise to make sure we are fully stocked for the next 20something shopping days that remain. I’m exhausted but happy, we were able to get quite a few things donated to the Toys for Tots program, and judging by the way our sale items have flown off the shelves, and our sales numbers, I’m guessing we kept our customers happy. That is always my biggest goal, having my customers get the item(s) they are looking for, get the best deal possible, and that they have as smooth and quick transaction as possible. I know that I sound like some kind of ad, but it’s true, I want my customers to be happy, I want to treat them the way I wish I was treated in other stores.