That Took Longer Than Expected

Good Morning,

Last time I wrote I wrote that more would be “coming soon,” I had every intention of posting more content by the end of that week; however as some of you may have noticed that did not happen. There are multiple reasons for that, the biggest one was that I came down with a severe case of pneumonia that almost put me in the hospital. I was originally diagnosed as having another round of bronchitis (I had bronchitis, ear infection, & sinus infection, all at the same time in January), however after almost a week on the prescriptions for bronchitis and I was feeling like I was drowning. Long story short (well less long anyway) I managed to see a doctor I trusted and was put on the right medications. It is now two and half months later and I still have the cough, but am feeling much much better.

In the past few months since I wrote a lot has happened. I got to take my first trip as a coach to our academic team, I celebrated graduation with our seniors, as my first year teaching came to a close, which means I SURVIVED my first year teaching! (More reflection on that later) My father had surgery and is recovering at my house, and I FINALLY read “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

Now to start you should probably know that I love the Harry Potter books. I have not seen all the movies, I stopped after watching the Goblet of Fire. This is my absolute favorite book and I felt that while the movie was good it did not do the book justice.

Anyway moving on to the book/script. It has taken me a long time to sit down and read this particular book, it represents a lot more than just another part of the Potter franchise. This was the last event I would work at a book company that I spent 15+ years working for. I purchased it at the end of the midnight release party and it sat on my bookshelf, and then in a box during moving, and then again on a bookshelf. It was shortly after the release that I would resign my position and take on a brand new career as a teacher. Surprisingly a lot that I learned in the retail world has translated well into education.

I have a couple comments (this should be short), about “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” so if you have not read it or you have no desire to read my comments please skip the next part.


Albus Severus Potter: Slytherin. People seemed genuinely surprised by this….. Why?

Albus Severus Potter aka A.S.P.

Asp: a small southern European viper with an upturned snout, another term for Egyptian Cobra

Now I have avoided head-cannons spoilers, memes, and the lot because I was taking so long in reading this, so I do not know how much this point has been covered, however every friend I have mentioned this to looks at me like I just blew their minds, apparently they had not noticed his initials before.

In all honestly I liked this book/script but I found it very predictable in many ways. They change time so of course there are going to be consequences (such as people never being born), of course they go back and try to fix it, only to wind up in even more trouble. The fact that Harry has less problems connecting with the son named after his father, than the son named after Dumbledore & Snape. Lets be honest, Harry had trouble connecting in some ways with both men, and this kid has three HUGE legacies to live up to in his name, talk about pressure, but that would be his curse wouldn’t it.

Overall this was not a bad script, I know some people did not like it because it was in script form but I love scripts so it did not bother me. The fourth act was wonderful in the way that pulled on emotions and I look forward to being able to see it in person one day.


So this post not only took longer than expected to get posted but also turned out to be longer than planned. Here’s hoping to more writing in the future!